Being Suspiciouswith Sarah Buchner

walking on a taped network
  • Type

    Performative Tour

  • Size

    floor ground, first floor and ancient cabinets room

  • Duration


  • YEAR


Being Suspicion emerged from a conversation between Anabela Veloso and Sarah Buchner with what Thorvaldsen's Museum chose to display. This performative tour rounds off the research done on the network of relations among the portraited busts.

Performance Being Suspicious

networking outloud

Parallel to the installation General Suspicion, this tour reveals some of the relations among the presented busts of the museum. Being Suspicious walks with the audience in a steady monochord pace, guiding them from the society of busts to the ancient cabinets while insistently repeating, "they were connected/collected."

Score Being Suspicious
Taped floor at Being Suspicious
Performing Being Suspicious

Performative tour photos by Robert Damisch


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