found object
  • Type


  • Materials

    coloured photograph, red light, milk/wisdom tooth, green ice, blue walls

  • Size

    2x2x3m aprox

  • YEAR


“and like consanguineous, double stars, we shine from one another in the darkness”
- Herberto Helder (a carta da paixão)

School girl and a red light

Escola De

lançamento responds to high school times, affairs, and male authority. From 2005 to 2011, I was a high school student at ESAF in their visual arts program; this work appears 5 years later.

Combining (1) Brecht's opera for schools (“He Said Yes/He Said No“) where agreeing is the lesson to follow, (2) my memories of the lived power relations of that time, and (3) the traditional saying olho por olho dente por dente (an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth), the installation unfolds into a revealing trio. A wisdom tooth is stuck in a wall, a phallic iced sculpture melts, and a red light covers the face of a teenage body.

lançamento translates to launching: an event to celebrate or introduce something new, an occasion when a ship is put into water or when a spacecraft is sent into space for the first time.

School girl's face
Swimming school
Wisdom tooth in a blue wall
Falic-green sculpture
Melted falic-green sculpture
installation view sketch


Scoring I

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