General Suspicion with Sarah Buchner

General Suspicion mapping
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  • Materials

    UV blue tape, Four blue resin 3D prints

  • Size

    Size floor ground, first floor and ancient cabinets room

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General Suspicion emerged from a conversation between Anabela Veloso and Sarah Buchner with what Thorvaldsen's Museum chose to display. This infiltrating installation questions the apparatus from within in a compelling call for dialogue.

Network research
Mapped research Main floor
Mapped research Upper floor

Research diagrams

disclosing faces

Thorvaldsen's museum is a piece frozen in time composed of similar frozen figures and people. The two interventions introduce a different choreography into the static maze; one that links those who had the power to pursue an eternal existence (sculptured busts) with those who still try to break free (imprisoned ancient pieces).

Mimicking the bright blue from the ceiling, lines of blue tape invade the museum floors disclosing the network of relations among the portraited busts. Using the same blue, 4 busts were reproduced into tiny 3D resin models: Alexander I , Napoleon Bonaparte, Frederik VI and Christian (VIII) Frederik. These 4 were selected based on power and influence among the network of the portraited society of busts. Moved now to the same room as the locked antiquities - or Thorvaldsen's collection - sharing the same shelves that have been withering and imprisoning their inhabitants.

Alexander I , Napoleon Bonaparte, Frederik VI and Christian Frederik
Tapped floor
visible network through tapped floor
installation view tapped main floor
installation view tapped upper floor
intervention on collection of antiquities
installation view imprisoned busts
the four busts

Exhibition | Photo 3 & 4 by Robert Damisch