Scoring II

Post box
  • Type

    public art installation — Score-card deck

  • Materials

    Score-card deck, metal mailbox

  • Size

    12x8 cm each
    9 cards each deck

  • YEAR


  • Psychology Advisor

    Ana Mesquista

  • Danish Translators

    Josefine Emilie Frandsen, Louise Palle Krog-Meyer and Carla Bay Packness

Scoring II is a series of 9 cards distributed around Ørestad, Denmark, for 9 consecutive weeks. Locals could find scoring-cards in local restaurants, gyms, cafes around the area and Score.

Human Subjectivity Card Social Relations Card Environment Card

score, if you will

Similarly to Scoring I, this work dares to dream of a creation of a responsible community aimed at the locals and their relations. Each set of 3 cards focuses on a specific relation, giving instructions for an action to be completed (as if each card could be a game in itself). By suggesting ways on how to relate, the work presents opportunities to collectively initiate an undiscovered community.

Scoring I clay and Scoring II card set
Social Relations card, score 1
installation view with participants
Post box with returning cards

Photos by Katja Crevar

gardening at REMA

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