Gardening at REMA

Rema1000 price tags
  • Type

    public art intervention

  • Materials

    8 coloured photographs

  • Size

    6 of 30 x 42 cm
    2 of 50 x 50 cm

  • YEAR


Human Subjectivity Card Human Subjectivity Card Social Relations Card

is today that day?

In a place meant for capital exchange, gardening's small suggestive messages come to sight as a replacement for the supermarket's original price labels. These new colorful labels subtly infiltrate the space, switching the focus to modest gestures based on non-capital gifts rather than the act of buying. The suggested gestures brew relations under the acceptance of another possibility.

"One day you could offer" proposes relations under the three ecologies - offering to oneself, offering to someone, and offering to something.

Parking Lot at REMA
Fruit session at REMA
Vagetables session at REMA
Two price tags
inside REMA1000
entrance REMA1000

Intervention at REMA1000

Memory Play

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