Bruises during talvez
  • Type


  • Performers

    Osman and Anabela

  • Duration

    30 minutes

  • YEAR


A crystallized moment where two people meet.
The duo starts by leaning onto the other in an (almost) hug-like-position; gently, tiny movement starts to come into sight as the two recline their weight onto the other: a head that weights on a shoulder makes the shoulder spin and consequently, the torso, the hips, the feet. The leaning head slides to the other's arm and chest, and the minuscule domino effect continues. Like a tiny and minimal dance, the steadily moving performers expand their gestures and the distance between the two physical human bodies.

Documentation Talvez

slowly fighting together

The shared touch is caring and soft; however, the gestures gradually seem to resemble those of aggression. The head that was gently leaning is now positioned with slowness but intensity in the middle of the opponent's chest. Tension in the movement becomes more visible as one is forcefully pushed by the direction and strength of the other's gesture. It builds up to a fight-like scenario where hands are locked like punches, and feet act as kicks. Though the slowness is still present, the movement gets slightly quicker and responsive. If someone passed by at the given moment of this description, one might think that a violent act was going on. Perhaps it is the heaviness of the little movement that helps crystallize the moment.

The performers' sweat and red faces reveal themselves as the tension and tiredness of this encounter rise. A more prolonged moment of tension happens just before the end as the fighters mimic each other's positions: heads locked on the other's shoulder, hands holding the arms, legs wide and balancing towards one, and the other. Gradually, the hand that forcefully grabbed the arm turns soft, and the tension switches to a longing, closing, caring hug.

Beginning, encounter of two
Laying heads
Laying upper bodies
Middle, facing another
Exploring defense gestures
Contra attacking gestures
Fighting gestures
Ending, closing encounter

Photos by Marina Dubia

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