circled graphic
  • Type

    video installation

  • Materials

    4k video, sound, 18:44 min., looped soil, engraved wood, wooden spoon, paper bags

  • Size

    7m x 2,5m

  • YEAR


Referring to a personal experience that is Not unique but relatable/recognizable, the installation works within a state of altered emotion where things get re-signified (mourning). Under that moment of hypersensibility, the individual struggles with oneself while pressured to keep the fast rhythm of society.

Redish sky circled

scope some soil

The piece asks if it would be possible to slow down and release the weight of a singular into a multitude that, although not necessarily living the same experience, would be able to slightly hold and release the weight as their own. Through accepting the invitation to scoop some soil, pour it into a bag, and keep it, a new circled is drawn. This modest gesture implies an exchange of care while suggesting a creation of an alliance. Can a collective heal together if it shares one of the same circle?The durational piece continues until January 2023, when a collective ceremony of shared soil, and its narratives will occur — circled around.

exhibition view Charlottenborg
red room exhibition view
red sculpture with soil
circled bag, front view
circled bag, back view
circled video still

Exhibition | Photo 1, 2 & 3 by David Stjernholm