Scoring I

Hands of clay
  • Type

    public art installation

  • Materials

    3 x 0,8mm plastic sheets, 6 sentences x 3D printed plastic, 600 clay pieces, 3kg small grey stones

  • Size

    2,5m x 2,5m x 0,3m

  • YEAR


hands of clay

Thought for Ørestad (Denmark), as public art intervention, the 3 sculptures and the blue clay pieces positioned in a circle, make the installation. This combination of pieces proposes possible senses of community and connectedness. Taking Guattari’s transversalities on the 3 ecologies, each sculpture dares to dream of a creation of a responsible community aimed at the locals and their relations.
Using approachable (although layered) questions, the work presents an opportunity to collectively activate a group - inviting them to take part while uncertain of one’s place. Although each sculpture operates on ways of dealing with one ecology at a time, there are unavoidable contaminations as it is impossible to dissociate them. Relations among neighbors, between residents and the space/nature around them, and between the citizen and its subjectivity. Each sculpture asks one question that can be replied to by choosing the nuance of blue on the small clay handpieces.

Sculpture in context
Sculpture on Social ecology
Sculpture being replied to
Installation view and participants
Fitting hands on clay in the artist's hand
Participant holding clay piece
Sculpture being replied to
The inside sculpture